Hi and welcome to my site, My name is Ellice De Giovanni, My mission is; simplify health in order to magnify life. 

My scope of practice enables me to scoop up all of your ill health worries and concerns then direct you towards optimal health and wellbeing without all the overwhelm that can come along with the health industry. 

Here is my scope of practice for you 

- Ex Athlete; 100m Hurdles  

- Diploma of fitness health and wellness, with over 20 years experience in the health industry  

- Bachelor of health science paramedics 

- 10 years experience as an advanced care paramedic 

- Postural movement and mobility specialist 

- Diploma of Reflexology 

- Fundaments of neurology and movement 

- Published Author 

 - Activities coordinator and facilitator at one of Australia's leading health retreats 

- Mother 

I am sure you will find some amazing information here to create a healthier life.  

xx  Ellice




Access to all of the individual Joint mobility videos 

  • Head and neck

  • Shoulders

  • Elbows

  • Hands and wrists 

  • Lower back 

  • Hips

  • knees

  • Ankles and feet 

  • Brain and balance

55 mins Educational and interactive  full body joint mobility reset + full lymphatic drainage workout

Bonus Information

  • 30min Nerve and muscle activation 

  • Morning wake up mobility 

  • Top 3 daily essential stretches

  • Chair variations 

  • Brain training

  • Strength training 

  • 2 x shorter mobility flows 

My new ebook

‘Under construction' the body rebuild.

This includes my top 10 tools to reset your internal bodies communication or central nervous system for optimal day to day functioning, health and vitality. 

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make!


Ellice has come into my life at a time in which I needed to deal with an enormous amount of pressure and stress, but at the same time, had the problem of no time. 

It’s not just her incredible technical expertise as a trainer, but her ability to really engage you, uplift you. I’m always amazed by how much preparation she does before each session, thinking about how she can ensure you walk away feeling you’ve progressed. I’ve even got her training my whole family now! Oh, and did I mention she can be pretty damn funny, too

Baz Luhrmann

Australian director, writer, and producer

Ellice is a gifted trainer with not just great knowledge, but an enormously caring heart. She brings a wealth of experience and insights to her work, not to mention an infectious energy and a determination on behalf of her clients to help them achieve outstanding physical and mental well being.

Dr Libby Weaver,

PhD Nutritional Biochemist

When I first met Ellice I would have considered myself a frail, unconfident and weak 70 year old as I had so many professionals tell me not to move!

After Just one class of Ellice's joint mobility I knew I needed to move more in this way as my body instantly loved the feeling.

For the past 9 months I took it upon myself to religiously do my joint mobilisation, hot and cold therapy and stretching, all suggestions Ellice introduced me to as a way to gain more moving confidence.

I have now added strength training into my weekly schedule on top of my joint mobility and look and feel like a different human being.

Ellice has changed my life

Ivy Macpearson,




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